"The Time Center" is the eighth episode of the series.


Time Guardian Aurek embarks on his mission to return Eva and Ruben to the 21st century. Fed up with Droide's whiny advice, Aurek decides to deactivate him and proceed alone. When Aurek spots Eva and Ruben, he misses his aim and accidentally teleports Manuel into the future.

Meanwhile, Amelia shows up at Manuel's home to make amends after a fight during their first date. The door of the house is open and Amelia takes the opportunity to enter. Galileo, Manuel's dog, runs away in fear. Aurek's mistake forces Victor, Diana's trusted assistant, to intervene and transport Manuel from the present to the Time Center.

Revisiting the video of her brother Martin, Eva notes that she no longer sees a dog in his place. He is now replaced by a monkey, which is closer to a human. Taking this as a sign that things are getting better, Eva goes to the Bolorama A-Go-Go party, where JJ finds himself with two dates at the same time and in the same place.

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