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"The Lost Guardians" is the thirty-first episode of the series.


JJ is amazed when he discovers the FrankenTV. Eva, worried that he'll find out it's a time machine, manages to convince him that it's just one of Manuel's experiments with magnetic fields. The two head to the studio so JJ can sing on Club 57. JJ begins his performance, but he's interrupted by Vero, who jealously turns off the power to the studio.

Without Eva and JJ knowing, the Lady of the Cats secretly finds the FrankenTV and uses it to teleport to the Time Center, once again changing the timeline. As a consequence, in the present, Manuel's luxury villa is transformed back into his old house.

After losing contact with Aurek and Victor (whose memories were accidentally erased by René), Diana leaves the present to deal with the problems in 1957. Before she heads off, she dismantles a piece of FrankenTV to make it unusable.

Meanwhile, Eva tries to explain to Aurek who she really is, since he does not remember being a Guardian of Time. The Lady of the Cats interrupts them and menacingly approaches Eva.



  • This episode is titled "Un aliado misterioso" in Spanish, which means "A Mysterious Ally".