"Fleeing from the Past" is the second episode of the series.


In disbelief of what just happened, the Garcia siblings try to escape from the Club 57 set. While Ruben manages to escape, Eva bumps into Vero, a dancer on the show, inadvertently stealing the scene. Forced to perform in a solo, Eva starts dancing, heightening Vero's envy and the curiosity of everyone present.

The live broadcast ends and, before security catches her, Eva flees behind the scenes. There she meets JJ, a young lighting technician and Vero's boyfriend, who helps her escape from the TV studio. Eva and Ruben soon discover that they ended up in the year of 1957 and, to avoid interfering with the timeline, they will have to hide every trace of the future, including Eva's cell phone.

Meanwhile, the Club 57 switchboard seems to have gone mad: the two siblings' performance was a huge success and Miguel, the show's producer, orders Amelia to hire them.

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