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"When a Dream Comes True" is the thirteenth episode of the series.


Eva wants to leave for Italy and see JJ, but Manuel prevents her because he fears further alterations in the timelines. Victor travels to 1957 to help Aurek, but while he talks to him about how to capture Eva and Ruben, Mercedes spies on them. Now aware of the existence of the Guardians of Time, Mercedes runs to Eva and the CUCI to report her discovery.

Eva is upset, so the CUCI Boys draw up a plan. Eva throws herself into Aurek and Victor's teleporting foam, which also covers the CUCI. Everyone finds themselves in the Time Center. While the boys admire the technology that surrounds them, Eva manages to identify the exit for Italy.

After finding a flyer for JJ's concert, Eva reaches Lorenzo's restaurant just in time to see the final moments of JJ's performance. Incredulous, JJ comes down from the stage and runs to hug her. From the audience, Francesca reluctantly witnesses the scene: what looked like a dedication of love to her was instead directed at Eva.