Episode 12

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"Return to Italy" is the twelfth episode of the series.


Eva realizes that her phone's battery is dead. In a panic, she doesn't notice that Mercedes and the CUCI have seen the phone. Eva is forced to reveal herself as a time traveler.

Meanwhile, Manuel's research yields some results: to make the time machine work, he will have to channel the energy of the comet that is about to cross the Earth's orbit. It is now necessary to recharge the phone as soon as possible, or else Eva and Ruben will not be able to use it to activate the machine.

Arriving in Italy, JJ is greeted by his father Lorenzo at the family restaurant. JJ embraces his childhood friends, Nico and Francesca, who are curious to hear his stories. Soon, however, the distance from Eva takes a toll and JJ does nothing but talk about her. Eva also misses him dearly, and she starts filling a scrapbook with photos of him.

At the Time Center, Diana scolds Victor for giving Aurek permission to return to 1957. Meanwhile, Aurek tries to locate Eva, but fails.

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