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"Cristóbal Colón's Got Talent" is the eleventh episode of the series.


Using a photograph, Diana notes that Martin again looks human, and she returns to the Time Center. She receives a call from the Guardians' leader, Leonardo da Vinci, who demands explanations about the incident. In a strange turn of events, Manuel's journey through time has allowed the timelines to return to normal. Da Vinci demands that Aurek be relieved of his mission and Diana obeys.

In the Manzanares of 1957, after seeing Martin return to his human form, Manuel tells Eva and Ruben of his adventure in Italy, revealing the existence of the Time Center and the Guardians. However, having learned of Galileo's disappearance, Manuel leaves everything and sets out to find his faithful friend. He finds Galileo with the help of the "CUCI", three young members of the Science Club and new friends of Eva.

Meanwhile, JJ's mother announces that he must move to Italy at the request of his father. Unable to find Eva at such short notice, JJ decides to record a song for her and leaves the vinyl in the diner's jukebox.