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"A Jump in Time" is the first episode of the series.


In 2019, Eva Garcia is a brilliant student who attends the Cristóbal Colón High School in Manzanares with her brother Ruben and her friend Delaila. Her grandfather Manuel, a brilliant university professor of astrophysics with a great passion for science, takes care of Eva, Ruben and their little brother Martin.

At home one day, Eva and Ruben come across a mysterious secret laboratory. The two marvel at the strange inventions in it, dwelling on an old television built with recycled materials: the FrankenTV. When Eva and Ruben connect a phone to the television, it automatically tunes to Club 57, an old variety show led by Amelia Rivera. After lightning strikes the TV's antenna, the two siblings disappear. Eva and Ruben find themselves catapulted into the middle of the Club 57 live show.


  • This episode was released early (11 April 2019) on the RaiPlay app in Italy.