Carolina Veronica Mestrovic Moroni (born 20 July 1991; age 28) is a Chilean actress, singer, and TV host. She plays Vero in Club 57.

On 24 May 2019, Carolina and her co-star Jonathan Jose Quintana (who plays Droide and Miguel) announced that they would be getting married.


Carolina sings the following songs on the show.

  1. "Ladrona" (duet with Evaluna Montaner)
  2. "Malalala"


In 2008, Carolina appeared on the Chilean competition show Rojo fama contrafama, where she won in the Singers category. In 2010, she competed on another Chilean competition show called Yingo, winning second place with a CL$1,000,000 prize. Carolina later appeared in four Chilevisión dramas: Amor Virtual, Don diablo, Gordis, and Graduados.


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